12 Health Benefits of Beetroot

Beetroots are unique and great source of phytonutrients which is also known as betalains. Beets are wonderful root vegetable.

Beetroot juice provides plenty of benefits for our body’s good health. Beet’s both the root and leaves can be eaten and eventually, the most places it is eaten as a salad.

The taste of leaf is bitter while the taste of root is sweet. Generally, beetroots are in rich purple colour, then white or golden colour. Beetroots are more delicious in taste and can be used as pickle too.

Beetroot is a great superfood and provides many benefits for our body’s good health. Let’s know more about the health benefits of beetroots:



1. Eliminates Bad Cholesterol

Beetroots has large amount of soluble fibers, betacyanin and flavonoids. The compound betacyanin gives beetroot to its purple and red colour.

This compound has also powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol from our body and doesn’t allow it to deposit on walls of the artery.

Due to this process, it prevents our body from heart attacks and strokes. And therefore, it reduces the need for medication.

Consuming beetroots in our daily diet may help to lowering the cholesterol level from our body.

Health Benefits of Beetroots

Health Benefits of Beetroots

2. Boosts Brain Function

Beetroot have great astounding positive effects on our body’s brain function. It helps to increase blood flow to the brain. Due to this process assists in fighting off age related dementia and therefore it improves our brain function.

Also, due to rich in antioxidants in beetroot, which are highly beneficial for our body in warding off conditions: as Alzheimer’s disease.

One important thing that decline is mental power which is common among the aged people. Due to get older, they tend to lose their memory power.

Eating beetroot is the best solution for removing this problem. Because eating beetroot increases the blood flow to the brain which reduces the effect of dementia.

3. Lowers the Blood Pressure

Due to being rich in nitrates beetroots can reduce the blood pressure. Because nitrates converted into nitrites and gas called nitric oxides.

The combination of these two components helps to widen the arteries and lower down the blood pressure.

The juice of beetroot is highly effective to treat the cardiovascular conditions and blood pressure.

Health Benefits of Beetroots

Health Benefits of Beetroots

4. Treatment of Cancer

Beetroot juice is beneficial for preventing from colon cancer and liver cancer.

Beetroot has detoxifying property which is helpful for preventing from cancer disease. This property is rightly called “liver’s best friend”. Due to containing with betacyanin content beetroot helps to slow down the growth of tumours.

Beetroots have unique combination of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant molecules that helps to prevent from the risk of cancer such as colon, stomach, nerve, lung, prostate and breast cancer.

Therefore, eating beetroot regularly can slow down the risk of cancer.

5. Prevent from Anaemia

Beetroot contains Iron, helps in formation of haemagglutinin which is one of the important parts of blood, that helps to transport nutrients and oxygen to the various parts of our body, and therefore its juice prevent from anaemia.

Beetroot also have enough vitamin B12. Beetroot contains Copper that helps our body to absorb the iron better.

Beetroot replaces the lost blood and therefore it is good alternative to treat the anaemia.

And therefore, drinking juice daily helps to re-activate and regenerate the red blood cells, thus treats anaemia.

Top Health Benefit of Beetroots

Top Health Benefit of Beetroots

6. Supports Detoxification

Beetroot juice provides effective solution to detoxify our liver. This is done due to the presence of methionine and glycine betaine in beetroot. These pigments simulate liver cell and support detoxification.

Beetroot juice helps to reduce the pimples and acne, which are caused on our body due to impurities in our blood. It provides essential nutrients and mineral for our body to maintain healthy skin.

Beetroot juice protects our liver from fat deposit, due to alcohol abuse and protein deficiency.

7. Prevents from Birth Defects.

Health Benefits of BeetRoot for Pregnant Women

Health Benefits of BeetRoot for Pregnant Women

Beetroot contains high amount of folic acid. This acid is one of the important essential components for proper formation of “unborn child’s” spinal cord.

Thus, it helps to protect against the conditions such as spinal bifida. Iron containing beetroot ensures the clear blood building for baby.

Beetroot also provides required energy to mums during pregnancy.

Top Health Benefits of Beetroots

Top Health Benefits of Beetroots

8. Good for Eye health

Raw beet greens have two carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin. These two carotenoids are extremely beneficial for our eye health, especially for retina.

These carotenoids can be easily destroyed when it is cooked.

9. Prevents from inflammation

Beetroot juice prevents and cures from inflammations, including skin inflammation such as acne. The juice helps to promote healthy skin and eliminate the blemishes.

It also helps in hair growth. Beetroot has anti-inflammatory property that helps to purify our blood, so that they turn and give a healthy and energetic glow to our skin.

Also, it promotes regeneration of new skin and removal of dead skin in our body. Beetroot juice helps to maintain our body’s beauty.

Beetroot have antioxidant property that helps to protect our skin from premature aging signs by neutralizing the free radical effects.

Health Benefits of Beetroots

Health Benefits of Beetroots

10. Beats Constipation

Beetroot have abundant amount of soluble fibre content and therefore, it acts as a great laxative that helps in regularising our bowel movements by softening stools.

It also helps in cleansing the colon and flushes out, the harmful toxins from stomach.

11. Increases Stamina

To get extra endurance and stamina you should drink beetroot juice. It will really provide you like that. It improves our body’s oxygen delivery, thus boosts performance.

Moreover, the beetroot contains a lot of boron (a chemical compound), it plays an important role for production of human sex hormone.

12. Supports Strong bone health

Health Benefits of Beetroots

Health Benefits of Beetroots

Beetroot is a source of silica that helps to utilize calcium property and it makes our teeth and bones stronger. Calcium is a great nutrient for energetic healthy and strong bones.

Beetroot is also rich in healthy bone supported nutrients like vitamin c, folate, manganese, copper and magnesium. These nutriens play great role for building, developing and strengthening our bones health.

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