8 Health Benefit of Mangoes

Mangoes originated in southern Asia, especially Burma and eastern India, nearly 4000 year ago. It spread early on eastern Asia, Malaya and eastern Africa and was finally introduced to California.

Mangoes belong to the member of drupe family.

Mangoes found in many shape, color, flavor and seed size. Its skin color varies from green to red, orange or yellow and the inner part of mango is mostly a golden yellow.

Mangoes are sweet and creamy in taste and packed with 20 vitamins and minerals.

Mangoes are great source of dietary fiber and vitamin B6, as well as huge source of vitamin C and vitamin A. They are rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, and copper, and it one of the best source of betacarotene, querctin, and astragalin.

Health benefit of mangoes includes good for heart, premature aging, and fight against cancer; improve memory, well for eyes and aid digestion.

8 Amazing Health Benefit of Mangoes

Health Benefit of Mangoes

Health Benefit of Mangoes

Immunity Booster – The rich amount of vitamin C and A play a significant role in keeping immune system strong and healthy. Vitamin A is important for proper immune system working. Mangoes are also good source of beta-carotene, which is a powerful carotenoid. This element of mangoes helps to stimulate the immune system of the body and make it rigid to toxic and bacteria.

Adding mangoes in your regular diet not only increase the chance of living a disease-free life but mangoes are well-known for its magnificent taste.

Prevent heart stroke – To decrease the risk of getting heart stroke, it is very necessary to maintain fluid level of the body. Because richness of potassium, mangoes helps maintain sodium level, which it turns control the body’s fluid level and reduce the risk of heart attacks.

You can make healthy juice with raw mango to stop heart stroke. Boil two or three raw mango in two cups of water till they become soft, then squeeze the pulp of the boiled raw mangoes and add pulp to a glass of cool water. Add salt and sugar for taste. Drink it one or two times a day.

Rejuvenates Skin – Mangoes are great for your skin and generally used in scrubs and face masks. Being a good source of antioxidant, mainly vitamin C, mangoes help keep skin healthy and glowing.

Along with, beta-carotene and vitamin A present in mangoes can restore, revive and rejuvenate the skin with strength as well as provide a beautiful shine. It can also lower the dark spot, acne and blemishes.

For beautiful skin, don’t throw away the skin of ripe mangoes after peeling. Rub this skin on your face; allow it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes, and then wash it with warm water. This easy home remedies will make your soft, glowing and blemish-free.

Weight Gain – If you want to gain weight then mango is a great option. 150g of mango contain around 86 calorie that can be easily absorbed by the body. Furthermore, mangoes are packed with starch, which convert into sugar that support in gaining weight.

Mango milkshakes can speed up the process of gaining weight because they also contain milk.      

Brain Health – Mangoes have sufficient amount of vitamin B6, which is helpful for improving and maintaining the brain’s functions. These vitamins support in the amalgamation of the main neurotransmitter, which promote in determining mood and the alteration of sleeping pattern. Mangoes naturally provide abundant amount of this vitamins.

Include mangoes in your diet to assure of healthy brain and good nervous system. So, you don’t need to take medicinal supplements for memory power because glutamine acid present in mangoes improves concentration and memory power.

Alkalizes the Entire Body – Mangoes are popular summer drink and it also work as alkalizing effects in the body. The malic acid, tartaric acid as well as little amount of amount of citric acid present in mangoes help maintain a healthy alkaline

Improve vision – Mangoes are good for eye health. The rich amount of vitamin A present in mangoes is very important for eye health. Vitamin A promotes eyesight and stops many eye-related problems like cataracts, night blindness, macular degeneration, soft cornea, night blindness and general ocular discomfort.

Plus, flavonoids like beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin and alpha-carotene present in mangoes are important for good vision.

So, Regular intake of mangoes helps improve vision. Just half bowl of sliced ripe mangoes fulfills 30 percent of your daily need of vitamin A.

Fight against Cancer – Mangoes anti-carcinogenic properties that come from its vitamin C and high fiber content, along with the presence of some enzymes and phenols.

Some studies are shown that antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties in mangoes can protects against breast, colon, lung, skin, prostate and leukemia cancers. Some of the properties found in mangoes that help fight cancer are astragalin, quercetin, fisetin, methyl and gallic acid.

The anticancer properties in mango effectively eliminate and target harmful cancer cells, without harming normal cells.

Aid Digestion – The high amount of fiber contains in mangoes help in digestion and removes the waste products, as well as regulates bowel movement. It is also beneficial in gastrointestinal disorder Crohn’s diseases.

Plus, mangoes can give relief from constipation and stomach ulcers. It has enzymes that increase the breakdown of protein and carbohydrate, thus raise the conversion of good into energy.

Regular intake of both ripe and unripe mangoes will improve digestion and lower the risk of many types of gastrointestinal problems.

Interesting Mango facts

  • Mangoes found in 1000 different varieties.
  • Almost half of the world’s mangoes produced in India.
  • Apart from India, mango is also the national fruit of Philippines and Pakistan.
  • There are over 15 million metric tons of mangoes produced throughout the tropical and sub-tropical worlds.

Eating fruits and vegetables of all types has long been associated with decrease risk of many health related problems. Many studies are shown that eating of plant fruit like mangoes lower the risk of overall mortality and obesity, heart diseases and increased energy. Mangoes are highly nutritious and delicious fruit that’s why it is also known as a king of fruit. If we eat mango in proper amount it will definitely give many health benefit.

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