8 Health Benefits of Parsley

Parsley is an herb that is native to the Mediterranean region of southern Italy, Tunisia and Algeria. It has been cultivated for more than 2000 years and scientifically known as “Petroselinum crispum”. Parsley belongs to the family of “Apiaceae” and firstly used only as a medicinal purpose, but later on, it was taken as food.

The nutrient available in parsley include Vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin, Vitamin B12, vitamin B6, cholin, folates, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and copper.

Parsley also a good source of volatile compound such as limonene, myristicin, eugenol and alpha-thujene.

Its leaves contain carbohydrate, energy, protein and fat.

Health benefit of parsley includes diabetes, control cancer, prevent osteoporosis. Plus, its anti-inflammatory properties work as a pain reliever; also it gives relief from gastrointestinal problem such as indigestion, bloating, stomach cramps and nausea.

Health Benefits of Parsley

Health Benefits of Parsley

Health Benefits of Parsley

Prevent Cancer – Flavonoid such as “Myricetin” found in parsley and in other plant helps prevent skin cancer. Chlorophyll found in parsley and other green herbs have been shown to be helpful at blocking the carcinogenic effects, which are originate when grilling food at high temperature.

In the studies of Missouri university researches shown that natural chemical “apigenin” available in parsley and different plant has been shown to lower tumor size in an aggressive form.

Good for bones – Low consumption of vitamin k associated with a higher chance of bone fracture. Eating vitamin K in sufficient amount improves bone health by working as a modifier of matrix bone protein; improve the adsorption of calcium, and decreasing urinary excretion of calcium.

Parsley is effective in osteoporosis condition, osteoporosis occurs because low level of calcium in the bones and due to an amino acid. Intake of folic acid can break down the amino acid.

Parsley is regarded as best source of calcium. It also packed with good amount of folic acid, which can break down homocysteine.

Boost Immunity – The vitamins, antioxidant and minerals found in parsley are effective for strengthening the immune system. Vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, folate and niacin all these work on different parts of immune system. Vitamin A work on white blood cell or lymphocytes.

The chlorophll contained in parsley has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Healthy heart – Parsley is an excellent source of folic acid as well as vitamin B, which is good for heart. Which reduce homocysteine in our bodies, thus decreasing the chance of stroke, atherosclerosis.

Homocysteine is a type of amino acid that is found in blood. It is a potentially dangerous molecule, which can cause damage to blood vessels.

Good for eye and skin – Parsley is good source of vitamin A, which contains two antioxidant beta-carotene and carotenoid. It can stimulate eye health, these antioxidant keep the cornea and retina from damage. As well as it stop eye disorder like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Vitamin A prevents sign of aging on the skin, prevent skin and eye from UV light damage, and capable to help stop skin cancer.

Improve digestion – Parsley and its essential oil are used to treat gastrointestinal disorder and symptoms, including constipation, gas, indigestion, bloating and nausea. In ayurveda practices, parsley is good for digestion because its essential oil can help rising bile production helpful gastric juices that are require for proper enzymes functions in nutrient and food adsorption.

You can use parsley essential oil to a bath rubbed and diluted on the stomach area for relief.

Urinary tracts Infection – Parsley has been used as a diuretic for many centuries that helps in controlling many diseases such as urinary tracts infection, kidney stones and gallbladder stones. Edima is a medical condition in which sufferer keep fluid in the body more than she or he is assumed to hold under normal condition. The body swells due to fluid increasing. If you’re suffering from this condition, take half cup of parsley juice it will give you quick relief.

Parsley root are also very useful in stop kidney stone. Boil water and add parsley root in it and drink it on a regular basis, it is very beneficial as cleanser for the body.

Effective in Menstrual pain and bleeding – Vitamin K found in parsley help to decrease menstrual pain and PMS cramps of by control the function of hormones. Vitamin K is a blood clotting vitamin, it relieves in too much bleeding throughout menstrual cycle and give pain relief for PMS indication, too much bleeding lead to higher cramp and pain through menstrual cycle. Several studies are shown that vitamin K can useful with the symptoms of PMS, so it true lack of vitamin k make these symptoms bad.

  • Parsley leaves used in making chutney, pesto, dips etc.
  • Chewing parsley helps in removing bad breath.
  • Tea of parsley improves blood circulation of body.
  • Parsley juice gives you relief in sting of insects bite as well as mosquito repellent.

Parsley widely used as for garnishing many cuisines. In this form, the nutrient will conserve and will not evaporate in cooking. Fresh chopped parsley is used as garnishing for soup includes chicken soup, green salad and sandwich etc.

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