8 Health Benefits of Strawberries

Basically, Strawberry was firstly grown as a garden fruit in Brittany, France during the late 18th century. In ancient roman literature strawberry fruit was mentioned as medicinal purpose. Although, due to its strange health and medicinal benefits strawberry was also discovered in South American’s culture. It belongs to “Rosaceae” family and its scientific name is “Fragaria x ananassa”.

Strawberries are good source of vitamin C and K as well as magnesium, manganese and potassium.

Strawberry improves eye care, relief from high blood pressure, proper brain function, gout, arthritis and various cardiovascular diseases. Its antioxidant and polyphenolic properties make them effective for improving immune system, inhibit against various type of cancer and lower the sign of premature aging.

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Strawberries

Health benefits of strawberries

Health benefits of strawberries

Promotes Eye health – Strawberries are effective for eye health, because of its high vitamin C content. Some studies are shown that, vitamin C is important for eye health. This antioxidant decreases the risk of developing cataracts through helping the body fight against free-radical damage. It also gives protection against eye problems, such as glaucoma.

Vitamin C is also necessary for strengthening the eye’s retina cornea. It also slow down the development of age related macular degeneration.

Another important nutrient like potassium available in strawberry, which is good for eye health. Water level of the body can get out of balance without potassium and leads to dry eye. Plus, potassium helps to maintain the ocular pressure in the eyes. Any type of distract in this pressure can be harmful for the eyes.

Boost Immune system – Immune system of our body helps to fight against infection, microbial action and many varieties of other possible damage and risky condition which can affect our body. Vitamin C is a huge stimulator for the immune system and well known as helpful treatment of cough, cold and many other infections.

Vitamin C also boosts the act of white blood cell.

Vitamin C also help fight against the free radicals, which is reason damage to healthy cell or DNA. Leading to numerous diseases like cancer and heart diseases.

Regular intake of strawberries can help with common problem like cold, cough and other infection.

Regulate Blood Pressure – Strawberries are good for people who suffer from high blood pressure. Regular intake of strawberries helps prevent hypertension. Strawberries also maintain healthy oxygen level through supporting a consistent blood flow around the body.

Strawberries are good source of potassium and magnesium content; both are good for lowering high blood pressure. Potassium is a vasodilator that means it decrease hypertension and the rigidity of blood vessels and arteries, thus it lowering blood pressure, helping the flow of blood to different part of body, thus oxygenating them functioning at their full potential.

Keep healthy heart – High fiber, great level of antioxidant such as vitamin c, folate and those pythocemical are good for cardiac health. They effectively decrease cholesterol in the vessels and arteries. Also some type of vitamin B present in strawberries strength the cardiac muscles and manage functioning of the heart.

Plus, strawberries lower the inflammation response inside the body, which is one of the main reasons of heart diseases.

Help fight against cancer – Consumption of strawberry decrease the risk breast, colon, skin and prostate cancer. The high amount of vitamin c in strawberry can help to prevent cancer. Plus, the pythochemical such as ellagic and quercetin acid, available in strawberries yield anticancer properties like stop cancer cell growth.

Good for Brain Health – Strawberries are packed with high level of antioxidant, which protect cells against harmful free radicals. Plus, there are some compounds found in strawberries that change the path neuron of the brain communicate.

The pythochemical and vitamin c in strawberries defuse the effects of these oxidants and reclaim the system. As well as, strawberries are good source of iodine, which is very helpful for managing the proper function of brain as well as nervous system. Potassium found in strawberries in good quantities, and it has been connected to improve cognitive function by increasing the flow of blood to the brain.

Combats Gout and Arthritis – Bodies harmful free radicals lead to the develop of toxins and acids, which are the main reason of degeneration of tissue and muscles as well as soak up fluid in the body. This can raise the risk of gout and arthritis.

Strawberries are rich in antioxidant; it helps to flush out all the harmful toxics and waste.

Plus, an anti-inflammatory property of strawberries helps decrease inflammation of the joints. Also, strawberries are good source of folic acid and it good for people suffering from arthritis.

Maintain healthy skin – The antioxidant found in strawberries like vitamin C, helps stop damage to the skin and body caused by free radicals. Vitamin c gives the production of collagen in the skin that is needed for maintaining skin resilience and elasticity.

In some studies are shown that vitamin C is useful for treating dermatologic condition of skin and photoaging. It also provides cutaneous benefits – protect against ultraviolet rays, promote collagen synthesis and lightening hyper pigmentation.

Regular intake of strawberries keeps your skin look healthier and younger.

Strawberries will give many health benefits if we eat it in proper amount. It is very delicious fruit and used in many purpose include jam, jelly, syrups, confections, chocolates, baked goods and even on medicines for its extraordinary health benefits, rich flavor, color and taste.

Strawberries spectacular taste and tempting looks, keep their place in the list of healthy fruits a long time ago.

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