9 Health Benefits of Radish

Radish is a vegetable which is found all over the world. It was first cultivated in china. Radish belongs to brassica family like cabbage, broccoli and kale it tastes bitter and sweet  is very hygenic vegetable contain vitamins c, vitamin k, magnesium, copper, sodium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and folic acid etc it is good for health .

Radishes are found in many shapes, color, variety, size and it grow in under the ground. This vegetable is available in winter season from the month of November to February and in summer season from the month of May to June. It can be eaten raw in salad, pickles and cooked it is low in calorie.

It cleans our stomach, blood, liver and remove toxic from the body. Radish seed oil and leaves is also beneficial for health and used in many products. Raphanus sativus is scientific name of radish.

Health benefits of Radish



  1. Dietary fiber :

Radish is good source of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber intake gives many health benefits to the body it improves the digestive system and keep metabolism strong. It also helps in maintaining weight. Dietary fiber may reduce the risk of diabetes and heart problems. High fiber food intake decreases the risk of stroke, hypertension, obesity, kidney stone and gallstone. It also alleviates cholesterol level. 3.5 ounces (100 gram) of radish contain 1.6g dietary fiber.

  1. Benefit of vitamins, minerals and iron :

Vitamin C, K ,D and A are in the radish prevent skin diseases it repair and produce skin cell of body. It contains vitamin c help to rebuild blood vessels keep teeth and bones healthy. Radish leaves also contain vitamins. Regularly use radish with salt can prevent skin diseases. Vitamin C is good for immune system so regularly intake radish improve your immune system. It contain iron    which is good for heart and blood it help to maintain healthy nails, hairs, skin. Iron is also useful in building muscles and blood circulation. Minerals like sodium, calcium, potassium are found in    radish they maintain the metabolism of body.

  1. Control blood pressure and relief in constipation:

Radish contains potassium and sodium and its anti-hypertensive properties which control the high blood pressure of body and it also helps in arrhythmia. Radish leaves is very effective to reduce blood pressure. Its rich source of potassium helps to maintain potassium-sodium in body. Radish laxative effects give relief from hemorrhoid and constipation. Juice of radish is helpful in good digestion hence it helps to cure constipation.

  1. Fight against cancer :

Researchers of Jawaharlal Nehru technological university studies that radish can fight against cancer cell. Radish are detoxifier and rich in vitamins C, flavonoids and folic acid which is helpful in treating various type of cancer like colon, kidney, stomach and oral. It belong to brassica family these cruciferous vegetable are full of antioxidant thus it protects the body from oxidation reaction and cancerous cell. Pythochemical, anti-carcinogenic and anthocyanins properties of radish and vitamin C stop the radical damage inside the cell. It also protects the alimentary tract and lungs.

  1. Disorder of kidney and treats jaundice :

Diuretic properties of radish good for kidney health and bladder it wash the harmful toxic of kidney. Regular use of radish juice effective way to treat kidney stones and it also stop the formation of stones. During this disease the bilirubin level of body rise as a result skin, eyes and urine become dense yellow. Radish is powerful detoxifier and it is good for liver and removes waste from body. Black color radish and its leaves are very effective in jaundice it stimulate the flow of oxygen to blood. People suffering from kidney diseases drink one glass fresh juice of radish in empty stomach melt the stone and flush them out from urine.

  1. Liver problems and thyroid disorder :

Radish juice is advantageous to keep smooth function of liver. Its juice helps in liberate enzymes in the body that can insulate the liver from various infections and also cure and treat liver ulcers. It is beneficial for functioning liver and removes bilirubin from blood. Regular use of radish can protects from infection. The juice of black radish is the best natural treatment for hypothyroidism sulphur present in the black radish is beneficial for the production of calcitonin and thyroxin. It contains a chemical raphanin which aid the balancing of thyroid hormones in the body.

  1. Weight loss and usefull in diabetes:

Radish is root vegetable unlike other root vegetable it is low in carb and high on fiber and antioxidants its regular use maintain blood sugar level. Its leaves is also helpful in curing diabetes. Radish regulate the adsorption of sugar in blood. Eating radish reduces the hunger it is good diet and rich in fiber helps to maintain weight. It gains the efficiency of metabolism gives beautiful and well shaped physics. Radish contains high water increasing urination. Patient of diabetes can eat radish without any problem its lower gylcemic level.

  1. Keep hydrated and gallbladder related problems :

Taking juice of radish is beneficial in keeping you hydrated. Keeping hydrated is very important to get you rid of many health problems. Radish contain high water level which keeps you hydrated and affects the digestive system and improve the digestion. It cures the gallbladder problems and regulates the passing of acid and enzymes. Radish contain enzymes such as diastase, esterase and amylase eating radish protects from infection and ulcer.

  1. Relief from indigestion:

Radishes are very healthy food and can also lead to bloating and indigestion. It has calming effects on the digestive system. The radish contains various types of chemical that helps to improve digestion. Taking juice of radish with pepper powder after a meal cure indigestion. Sulphur present in the radish help to gain the flow of bile, aid the liver and improving digestion. It contains an enzyme, diastase that assists the digestion of starches. Radish is good source of fiber and anti-inflammatory qualities that permit it help your digestive system. The seed of radish help to reduce indigestion and bowel problems.

As we know radish is very hygenic vegetable it removes the body from many types of diseases. If one can eat radish in proper amount it will definitely give you many health benefit. It contain many nutrition value like others vegetables. It has many uses like radish seed are used to extract a volatile oil which is highly beneficial. Radish are used to prepare pickles and used in many food items.

Here, some types of radish are white icicle, sparkle, early scarlet gold, daikon long white, sakurajima mammoth, Easter egg, black spanis and watermelon. Always use fresh, medium sized radish with proper leaves and roots it helps to Store radish fresh for many days.

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