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I am Ravi Roshan Jaiswal. I feel proud to take birth in India because it is a nice place for all the people, who want peace and happiness. I want to serve my nation as much as possible.

I belong to a beautiful place from Ranchi which is best in nature and behaviour. It is really nice place for all because the people, who visit Ranchi, become happy and joy.

I belong to a well organised & educated family. My father’s name is Rampukar Jaiswal. My father is a small businessman. And my mother’s name is Gayatri Devi. I have two lovely sisters and one brother.

My educational qualifications are – I passed my matriculation board exam from St. Xaviers High School Mahuadanr. I got first grade on that exam. After that, I passed my Intermediate exam from St. Joseph’s +2 School Mahuadanr. Once again, I got first division on that exam.



Now, I am pursuing my BCA program from IGNOU Delhi, which is a distance mode education. But good study material, good education and training. I feel proud to get admitted on this university. I am always interested to work on computers.

Once upon a time my father asked me that “what do you want to become after growing up?”. Then I replied , first of all I want to become a good son then something else. After noticing my answer my father laughed on me and said I am proud to have you as my son.

As a student I was very sincere in my school. I like to play Cricket and football outside the home. Also I like to play chess at home. And I want to travel beautiful places such as Jammu and Kashmir, Shimla and Kerala.

I have two best friends named as Hemant and Ashish. Friend makes our difficulties easy and suitable. One of them is studying with me in the same class and another one studying at different place but always keep in touch with us.

They know about me, that what I want to become. Both are very helpful friends and they always motivate me to achieve success. .

As a person I am open minded, good behaviour and very friendly. I like to help others according to the situation and ability. I do not worry about my future and past. I always enjoy my present life. Because no one has seen what tomorrow will be. That’s why people should enjoy their present life.

Health Tip: Use technology by only when it is necessary.

I think, Smartphone makes disturbances for us. First it is wastages of time and beautiful moments, because when we go for tour or travel people always try to capture the scene. They do not enjoy that moment which is very critical and beautiful moment. That’s why I do not take Smartphone’s. People should enjoy that time but they don’t.


  1. Grace Duke says:

    Nice to meet you. Thank you for sharing a bit about you I would like to participate in your Round Up, but I don’t know how or where to sign up. Please let me know

    • Praveen Verma says:

      Hey Grace,

      Welcome to DewyHealth and thank you for the comment,
      Good to meet you too,

      Thank you for taking interest in the roundup, will update you when we will do the next roundup,

      – Praveen

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