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DewyHealth is a unique health blog that covers many health related topics that are often ignored by the mainstream media. It is run by contributors and authors who likes to write about health related topics and share their opinion with the DewyHealth readers.

If you want to Guest Post on Dewy Health, you have come to the right place.

Firstly, Register and Login to DewyHealth and create an account. Do note that this is a subscriber account – it needs to be upgraded before you can contribute your articles. For that, send me an email with the following details.

  • The UserID with which you have registered. Make sure to fill up the profile well.
  • Join GuestCrew and earn 100 credits. You will need those to promote the article if it gets published. In the email, let me know your GuestCrew ID.
  • Send me some of your previously published articles – make sure they are on-topic and relevant.
  • Give me some topic suggestions for your Guest Post – make sure they are list-based-titles

Guest Posts are free and they don’t cost you a penny – just make sure you have covered all the requirements above – then send me an Email. Will take it forward from there.