Health Benefits of Almonds

Do you know almonds are known as nutritional powerhouse? Almond species tree are mainly originated in north India, Middle East and North Africa. Largest producer of almonds is united state but gains popularity across worldwide due to its high nutrition profile.

They are commercially cultivated in large scale in places such as United States, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, India, Africa and Syria etc. According to ancient Indian Ayurvedic practitioners, they believed almonds are highly responsible to maximize brain capability, longevity and intellectual ability.

Mostly, there are two kinds of almonds available throughout world such as sweet and bitter almonds. Generally sweet almonds are used to edible but bitter one is used in purpose of making almond oil. Commonly, almonds are popular to eat raw but many people used as ingredients of various dish or to season dishes to increase level of taste and texture.

Almond milk is also popular like cow’s milk among people due to its amazing taste and health benefits. Almonds consists medicinal properties with its incredible nutritional profile. They are also known as super food because of its nutrition value.

Almonds is great source of Vitamin E, fiber, magnesium, riboflavin, iron, phosphorous, zinc, calcium, copper, selenium and niacin. They are great nuts comparison to other nuts because it is loaded with health beneficial components. Here, I am going to share best possible health benefits of almonds which make your healthy ever and ever.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Almonds

Health Benefits of Almonds

Health Benefits of Almonds

#1. Great for brain:

Almonds are great source of various human beneficial nutrients, which are very helpful in developing health of human brains, improve intellectual level and increase mental capability.

Riboflavin and L-carnitine are two worthy nutrients which found in almonds, they play an important role to maximize brain capability and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Several studies prove that, almond in diet beneficial for overall health and nervous system development.

Doctor also recommended to children as well as elders to consume soaked almond in morning for better development of body. Mostly, nutrients are not found in almond shell, it may causes allergy by eating whole soaked almond.

#2. Minimize risk of cancer:

Almonds contain antioxidants and vitamin E; both are great to reduce risk of cancer and cell damage. Minerals of almonds such as magnesium, potassium, chromium, copper and manganese are very helpful to supports the entire process and keeps us healthy.

‘Aberrant crypt foci’ in bowels are responsible for beginning of colon cancer in body. Studies suggested that consumption of almond and its oil are very beneficial to reduce the risk of colon cancer and also fight against it.

#3. Anti-inflammation:

Mostly, people thinks “fat” means something unwanted result for human bodies but certain fatty acids are required for proper development of body health. Human bodies doesn’t have tendency to create fatty acids by its own, they need some external dietary support to generate.

Linolenic and linoleic are two significant fatty acids which are consist by almonds. These fatty acids are genius to decrease inflammation around body. Fatty acids are well known for keeping our skin and hair healthy and also minimize LDL cholesterol level.

#4. Increase energy level:

Almonds include some of best energy boosting minerals such as copper, manganese and Riboflavin. They are very helpful to boost energy level and metabolic rate. They are filling with calories and fat, it keeps us free from hunger for a prolong time.

#5. Supports bone health:

Phosphorous, calcium and selenium is highly responsible for best health of teeth and bones. We know very well almonds are incredible source of minerals and vitamins, both are required for healthy bones and teeth.

Some people have deficiency of selenium and calcium in their body which leads to disease called hypocalcaemia, it maximize the risk of osteoporosis.

Therefore, doctor highly recommended to take diet which consist these minerals. Almond nutrition values have potential to fight and prevent with tooth decay and cavity.

#6. Regulates cholesterol:  

Consumption of almonds in regular basis helps to increase HDL and reduce LDL this balance is beneficial for healthy cholesterol level. Decrease of LDL (low density lipoproteins) is best for good health of heart.

#7. Supports heart health:

Almonds includes monounsaturated fats, potassium and protein in abundant amount, these are mainly responsible in maintaining healthy heart.

Vitamin E is also known by efficient antioxidant that helps in lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases while magnesium which also present in almond in appropriate amount helps to prevent from heart attacks.

Presence of folic acid is beneficial to decrease the level of homocysteine, which is responsible for fatty plaque buildup in arteries. They are also useful for blood clots.

#8. Regulate blood pressure:

Almonds include potassium in sufficient amount, useful for regulation of blood pressure while low in sodium beneficial to manage fluctuating blood pressure.

They contain minerals and vitamins in balanced manner which are helpful in maintenance of blood pressure in scheduled way.

#9. Best for constipation:

Sufficient amount of fiber in almond is decidedly beneficial for prevention of constipation. Also it is significant to drink ample amount of water while eating almond to stimulate digestive process.

Don’t need any person to take excessive amount of fiber, only 3 to 5 almonds are enough for proper bowel movement and healthy digestive system.

#10. Immune system:

Almonds are loaded with antioxidants which are helpful to boost and strengthen our immune system. They are best source of alkali component and considered as helpful to support immune system.

Vitamin E is capable antioxidant which is required to eliminate damage caused by free radicals in our body.

If you are convinced with healthy benefits of almonds then add sufficient amount of almonds in your meal to stay healthy and free from various diseases. It is better to consume whole nut in morning or afternoon as snacks to take advantage of greatest nutrition profile. These ideal nutrition values boost your energy level and keep away from hunger between meals. You know now the healthy health benefits comes with little package of incredible almond.

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