Health Benefits of Asparagus

According to ANDI score, asparagus comes in top 20 ranks in the list of ANDI (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index) score; this is because of its huge nutrition value. They compare food according to their maximum nutrients in small amount of calories.

Today, asparagus gains popularity across worldwide due its strange savory taste and health benefits. They belong to lilies family and commercially available during and after spring season throughout local market across worldwide.

Asparagus is commonly available in three varieties- green, white and purple. White asparagus generally raised in absence of the sunlight, therefore deficient of chlorophyll (green pigment in plants) so it appears white in color. Purple asparagus includes phytochemicals and anthocyanins, both makes vegetable unique in color.

They are low in sodium, cholesterol and fat. Asparagus extended with maximum nutrition profile such as high in folic acid, Vitamins A, B6, C, E, K, fiber, magnesium, selenium, thiamin, beta-carotene, riboflavin, niacin, iron, copper, manganese and potassium etc.

Vitamin A is well known for its property to generate pigments in retina, vitamin E shows powerful antioxidant characteristics- it reduces risk of oxidative damage led to oxygen, and it can be harmful for human in various ways like it can damage cells, organs and tissue. Vitamin K is useful for formation of blood clot in human bodies.

Asparagus is also fully loaded with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, hence they are known as medicinal vegetables.

They also includes glutathione, it is popularly known as detoxifying compound and helps to destroy carcinogens. Scientifically, root to shoot of asparagus is very beneficial as medicinal effect for human.

They are very beneficial to combat against several diseases such as various cancers, damage against free radicals, fertility, diabetes, cataract, tuberculosis, blood cholesterol and neurodegenerative diseases etc. They also boost digestive and cardiovascular health.

Asparagus contains a special feature to remove smell from pee. I am going to explore some of best health possible benefits of asparagus, many people across worldwide are unaware about special features of asparagus.

Health Benefits of Asparagus

Health Benefits of Asparagus

#1.Fight against cancer:

Green leafy asparagus comes with folate, it has ability to fight against cancer. Consuming food with folate is better than taking folic acid directly, it has been proven by various studies and research. It has been seen low level of folate in women maximizes the risk of breast cancer.

Moreover, they contains detoxifying compound known as glutathione which plays significant role to prevent from cancer and helps to destroy carcinogens. They prevent and combat against certain cancers such as lung, colon, bone and breast.

Surprisingly, asparagus includes kaempferol and quercetin which is known by other name flavonoids. Both are powerful antioxidants, they have potential to obstruct the growth of cancer cells and also fight against diseases related to inflammation.

Anti-inflammation and antioxidants are present in asparagus in sufficient amount to reduce the risk of several cancers in human bodies.

#2.Maintain healthy heart:

The admirable anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristic of asparagus makes heart healthy and beneficial for proper functioning of heart.

They contain soluble fiber which is amazing to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and amino acid helps to remove excess salt from our body.

Asparagus contain vitamin B which is highly beneficial for maintaining healthy level of homocysteine by inhibit from serious cardiac disorders. Vitamin K is also responsible for maintenance of healthy heart because it inhibit from hardening of arteries and removes calcium from arterial linings.

Thus, green leafy vegetable such as asparagus is decidedly beneficial for person suffering from high blood pressure and other cardiovascular issue.

#3.Healthy eye vision and cataract:

Asparagus includes vitamin A in abundant amount; it is responsible to maintain healthy eye vision. Presence of vitamin A in your diet helps retinas to absorb light as it required for good vision.

Incredible varieties of antioxidants support by asparagus provide safeguard to retina from destruction caused led to oxygen free radicals. The existence of amino acid glutathione in asparagus minimizes risk of cataract and night blindness.

#4.Great for healthy hair maintenance:

Vitamin A&C, antioxidants and calcium which present in asparagus in sufficient amount encourage healthy hair.

Sebum works like moisturizer and natural conditioner for hair. It is useful to make your hair strong and healthy. Sebum also inhibits your hair from dry, hair fall and brittle.

#5.Anti-aging characteristics:

Asparagus is great source of vitamin E, it also popular as lipid soluble antioxidant hence, seriously responsible for your healthy skin. It makes your skin young and healthy.

Lipid soluble antioxidant are very beneficial for inhibit tissue cells from mediated oxidant injury.

#6.Supports Tuberculosis:

Tuberculosis is totally infectious disease, bacteria in body causes this disease. Mostly tuberculosis affects lungs but other organs like nervous and respiratory system etc. are also found affected by tuberculosis.

Racemosus refers to asparagus is highly beneficial in curing bronchitis as well as tuberculosis. It has ability to improve the functioning rate of lung tissues and also cures throat infections.

#7.Supports healthy pregnancy:

Several researches prove that nutrition values of asparagus are incredible for maintenance of healthy pregnancy. Folate present in asparagus in adequate amount to reduce the risk of neural tube defects as in fetuses.

Folate along vitamin B12&C improves body break down and used to generate new proteins. They are also responsible for formation of red blood cells and yields DNA which is also known building block of human body. They are also helpful to import genetic information.

#8.Helpful for bone health:

Asparagus are amazing for vitamin K and it is required to keep your bone healthy and strong.

Vitamin K in diet is beneficial for formation and repairs of bones and also inhibit from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

They are best source of selenium, calcium, and vitamin k these minerals and vitamin makes your bones healthy and strong for a prolong time.

#9.Incridible for digestive system:

Asparagus are great source of fiber and proteins; both are seen very helpful in movement of food over gut and keep your digestive system active.

High in water component beneficial for inhibit the constipation and maintain healthy digestion.

They include inulin which is a special dietary fiber helps to enhance digestion. It doesn’t get broken down or digested until undergoes to large intestine and helps to feed the body favorable bacteria (Good bacteria) in digestive system and hence, encourage the health of digestive system and boost immune system.

#10.Supports Neurodegenerative diseases:

 Neurodegenerative diseases are belongs to genetic and periodic conditions and majorly affects the neurons of the human brain. Your body doesn’t have potential to replace normally the neurons.

According to various research and studies, asparagus contains compound named racemosus which is competent in treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Phytoestrogens which is present in asparagus is mainly responsible for these favorable Neuro- protective effects.

Asparagus comes with several nutritional value and very beneficial for our maintenance of good health. It has ability to cure and inhibit from several critical diseases but it is secure when it consume in food amount.

If it consume in large scale it may cause allergies to those person who are prone to allergic reactions after eating onion and other lily family members. Digestion of young shoots may results unpleasant smell to urine.

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