Health Benefits Of Carom Seeds

Carom seeds are very well known in market of India. It has been in tradition from thousands of years. It is fruit of herb. It is used as condiment in foods, it has medicinal value too just of having essential oil compounds such as thymol, limonene, pinene, terpinene, and except these it has some dietary fibers and antioxidants. It is oval and ridged shaped with yellow coloration. In taste it is hot and pungent like thyme that’s why it is rarely intake in raw form. It has strong odor which shows its presence anywhere. In India commonly it is known as ”Ajwain”, “Vamu“ in Telugu, “Omam” in Tamil, ”Ayamodakam” in Malayalam , “Ajmo” in Gujarati. It belongs to same family as fennel. It is taken as directly, or by adding in food as condiment. Sometime it uses in sauces to mask the flavour.

Carom Seeds for us from Health Point of View

Carom Seeds

Carom Seeds

  1. Digestion

Carom seeds helps to cure any kind of digestive problem like, stomachache, constipation which may leads to gastric ulcer, colorectal cancer. All these are  possible because carom seed contains digestive fibers.

  1. Acidity

In acidity carom seeds are well known as natural remedy. Carom seeds stops production of gas in stomach which is the main reason of acidity.

  1. Asthma

Thymol of carom seed has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties making it ideal natural medicine for sore throats, and other infections of respiratory system.

  1. Immune System

Due to having oils, antioxidant and antiviral properties in carom seeds it helps in boosting immune system. Thymol and lymonene helps in fighting against pathogen and helping to boost immune system.

  1. Chronic disease

Terpenene and Pinene are directly related with reducing oxidative stress in some part of our body. Oxidative stress caused by fress radicals during respirstion and causes chronic diseses, like diabetes and autoimmune diseases.

  1. Inflammation

The antibiotic property of carom seed helps to ease pain of arthritis as well as other inflammatory conditions. It is also helpful in reducing swelling during arthritis.

  1. Growth

There is some amount of protein also found in carom seed which push the growth of body. Amino acids of protein helps in development of tissuses which actually decides the growth of body.

  1. Toothache

Carom seeds oil helps in easing toothache by developing gums, tooth and overall oral health. Fumes of burning carom seeds helps in instant relief in toothache.

  1. Cholesterol

Due to having monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in carom seed it is very easy to maintain cholesterol level in body. Dietary fibers helps in eliminating excess cholesterol from our body and reducing risk of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Headache

In case of headache carom seeds are used not only by intake of carom seed but by taking its fumes it gives relief. Especially in case of migraine it is widely used. Crushed seeds release thymol which goes inside through temples to our brain and give relaxation to muscles of brain and results cure.

  1. Weight loss

Despite the ability of carom seed to stimulate appetite, it has luxative property which promotes digestive process and maintains metabolism and prevent storage of extra fat in body, which directly helps in weight loss. Taking carom seed with lukewarm water after meal will also reduces weight.

  1. Hair

Antioxidating property of carom seed is traditional remedy to prevent hair colour to turn into grey. Antioxidant and minerals of carom seed stimulate hair health keeping you younger for long time.

  1. Kidney disorder

Carom seeds are used in kidney disorder. Kidney stones are dissolved by using carom seeds regularly. It also give relief in pain of kidney.

  1. Boils and Eczema

Cushed carom seeds and mix it well with lukewarm water and make paste and apply on affected areas and few minutes wash it well with water will give tremendous results. For pimple carom seed with lemon juice and apply on pimple will help in remove swelling.

  1. Menstural cramps

Carom seeds are nerve tonic for menstrual cramps during menses. Carom seed oil is also used for pain relaxation it relaxing muscles.

  1. Alcoholic

The person who wants to get rid of alcoholic habit may intake carom seeds. Daily chewing of carom seed will give wonderful results in alcohol craving.

  1. Bed wetting

Since carom seed may maintain the kidney disorder we can easily escape from bed wetting problem by using carom seeds. Bed wetting problem arises mainly from kidney disorder.

  1. Ear pain

Mixture of carom seed with garlic and sesame oil is good medicine for ear pain. It may also helps in boils too.

  1. Paralysis

Soaked carom seed consumed daily will give relief in paralysis, Trembling and shaking because all these are nervous diseases and carom seed use to help in development of nervous system.

  1. Eye cleanser

Boil carom seed with water stain and this water use as eye cleanser.

  1. Deafness

In ancient time oil of carom seed used as medicine for deafness problem. Few drop of this oil may dropped into ear. Regular use of it gives best result.

  1. Body cleanser

Carom seed are also good body cleanser, because it has capacity to remove extra toxic elements from body.

  1. Piles

Carom seed with rock salt and buttermilk is very useful and natural in piles treatment.

  1. Breastfeeding

Carom seed used as uterus cleanser and increasing milk production. Breastfeeding mother should use carom seed water daily after delivary.

  1. Insecticides

Carom seeds contain therapeutic agent that is used as an insecticides.

Side effects of carom seed

Although one may take advantage of carom seed only when it consume at optimum quantity and proper way, otherwise carom seed also has side effects as like others.

1.Gastrointestinal problems

Eating too much of it increase acidity in gut which may lead to nausea, indigestion, gastric ulcer etc.

  1. Bleeding disorder

Carom seed has ability to reduce blood clotting so it may lead to bleeding disorder.

  1. Liver problem

It was found that some organic compound of carom seed have exacerbate exiciting condition. So if you are been suffering from hepatitis, cirrhosis or any other liver problem you must consider to use carom seed.

  1. Mouth ulcer

If excessive amount of carom seeds are chewed by mouth it may lead to mouth ulcer. So, we must aware for all these.

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