Health Benefits of Raspberries

Raspberries are wonderfully delicious, bright red and most popular fruit. It can range in color from famous red and black varieties to yellow, golden, or purple. Raspberries are native to Europe but today universally cultivated in many temperate region around the world.

United States, Germany, Poland, and Chile are some of the famous growing area of raspberries.

Rich in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants – raspberries are a tasty fruit with plenty of health benefits.

It has high concentration of ellagic acid, a phenolic compound that inhibits cancer, thus preventing the development of cancer cells and removing the progress of several cancers.

Raspberries are brilliant source of vitamin C, dietary fiber and manganese. It is also rich in vitamin B, copper, folic acid and iron. It has high source of antioxidant strength then other fruits. This is because of its huge concentration of anthocyanins acid, ellagic, quercetin, catechins, cyanidins, salicylic and kaempferol acid.

9 Health Benefits of Raspberries

Health Benefits of Raspberries

Health Benefits of Raspberries

Prevent Cancer – Some studies are shown that raspberries prevent cancer which includes cervical, breast, prostate and colon by inhabiting cancer from forming or multiplying tumours.

Phytonutrient in raspberries play a significant role in decreasing oxidative stress, removing inflammation and change the reproduction and development of cancer cells.

Phytonutrient also alters the signals that are sent to existing or potential cancer cells.

Some phytonutrient such as ellagitannins in raspberries also support to lower cancer cell number by sending signal that promotes cancer cells.

Prevent Macular Degeneration – Eating raspberries three times a day can show to be an excellent remedy for macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is a medical condition that affects your vision. This leads to a fall of vision in the centre of the visual field because of damage to the retina. This can occur both in “wet” and “dry” forms.

You can eat these berries in breakfast as in cereals or lunch time yogurt. You can change the look and taste of any green salad with fresh raspberries.

Remove Wrinkles – Raspberries are effective in wrinkles. It can be used as natural face pack. They also save the skin from sun’s ray. The power of antioxidant like vitamin C effectively removes the discoloration and especially age spots. By filling in teenagers wrinkles, they support to restore your youthful appearance.

We can make great facial mask for glowing skin – Take 2 cup of fresh raspberries and 1 cup of plain yogurt, then blend the mixture till it become finely smooth. Apply this mixture in your whole face and keep it on for 15-20 minutes. Then, wash it with fresh water.

Improve Optimal Health – Raspberries, muscadine grapes, blackberries all have metalloproteinase enzymes. These are important for the renovation and development of tissues, however if they form abnormally in high amounts, they may work as a catalyst for cancer development. It has high amount of vitamin C, folate, riboflavin, manganese, magnesium, copper and potassium. This makes them a whole fruit to give overall, health prosperity.

Weight Management – Eating raspberries in proper amount support healthy weight in certain ways. It is full in soluble fiber that gives a sense of fullness which stops from overeating.                                                         The carbohydrates in raspberries are released slowly. This stop rapid increase and decrease in the level of blood sugar which helps to carving and hunger. It is also low in calorie and great in fiber which keeps the stomach full for long time and lower regular hunger pangs.

Good for Diabetes sufferer – The Tiliroside, Rheosmin, High Fiber, Fructose, and low glycemix index present in raspberries make them a great treat for diabetics and for everyone who has to watch their level of blood sugar.

Memory and Mood Boosting – Eating raspberries can stop brain damage and loss of memory associated with aging. Raspberries antioxidant helps in stave off diseases and many symptoms of older age through reducing stress. Some study shown that eating high quantity of flavonoids- rich berries can lower cognitive decline.

Anti- inflammatory Properties – Raspberries stop damage to the cell membrane and many components, removing bacterial and fungal growth in the body. It also removes allergic reaction because of anti histamic action. They also reduce diarrhea, fever, stop urinary tract infection, relieve bladder.

Raspberries for hair – Raspberries are also high in vitamin B. These vitamins are essential to take care of hair right from removing hair fall, to low graying and greater growth. Biotins found in raspberries are important when it comes to hair health as provide shine to the hair.

Raspberries seeds Oil Benefits

The oil of raspberries has sun protection factor. Plus, it is beneficial for lose weight, Treat Eczema, Itchy of scaly skin, Psoriasis, Irritated skin, Baby Skin and also maintain your skin aging. Oil of raspberries is packed with Cartenoids, 83% essential amino acid, anti-inflammatory, and Ellagic acid.

Raspberries Leaf Benefits

Tea of raspberries leaves control Periods, relief from cramps, and promotes speedy child birth. It also protects mother milk. The leaves of raspberries treat sore throat and other digestive disorder.

If you want take health benefit of raspberries then add sufficient amount of raspberries in your diet to stay healthy and free from many diseases. It is better to eat whole berry as snack in morning or evening or you can make delicious milk shake, add with many yummy items etc.

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