Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes belong to night shade family. It originates from Andes and firstly cultivated by the Aztecs in 700 A.D. “Tomato” word derived from Spanish word tomate and its scientific name is solanum lycopersicum. It is loaded with many health benefits and there are about 7,500 different types of tomatoes found all over the world.

Tomato can be eaten raw, cooked, soup or as salad and is consider as both vegetable and fruit. Regular intake of tomatoes gives a great boost to health and also makes food tasty and healthy. It is easy to cultivate and grow tomatoes quickly that’s why it is the main food of many country. Here is some different types of tomatoes are Cherry, Kumato, San marzano and early girl.

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

  1. Protect against cancer :

Tomatoes are excellent source of antioxidant and vitamin C it can help to fight against the growth of free radicals know to cause cancer. Tomatoes can fight against prostate cancer because it is full of lycopene. John Erdmann professor of emeritus of the department of human nutrition and food science at the University of Illinois research that regular intake of tomato and tomato products lower the risk of prostate cancer. According to the study of Harvard school of public health’s department of nutrition including beta – carotene in diet may protects against prostate cancer. Beta – carotene and high fiber food intake may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. In the study of American cancer society show that people who take diet rich in tomatoes may decrease the risk of some types of cancer like prostate, stomach and lungs.

  1. Good for heart :

Tomatoes contain potassium, fiber and vitamin C and chlorine is good for healthy heart. According to Boston and tufts university researchers, taking lycopene in higher amount may reduce 30% risk of cardiovascular diseases and coronary heart diseases. It contains folic acid which maintains the homocysteine level and reduces the risk of heart diseases. High potassium intake may also the reduce the risk of stroke and protects the loss of muscles mass and heart attack. In a recent study found that tomatoes which contain antioxidant may lower the risk of high blood pressure and lower cholesterol naturally and correct the blood vessel health. It contains potassium which controls the blood pressure.

  1. Improve eyesight :

It contain rich source of vitamin A, lycopene, beta – carotene, lutein which is powerful antioxidant they helps to improve eye vision and protects eyes from degeneration. Lutein present in the tomatoes is very good for eyes and effectively protects the retina and makes healthy vision. The Retina becomes weak especially during old ages because of long term damage of oxidative stress and UV light radiation from other reason. Lutein and zeaxanthin are found in the eye portion where light is locus by the lens called macula lutea. Lutein present in the tomatoes work like a natural macular degeneration therapy. Keep in your mind that blindness is caused by macular degeneration in older ages. Taking tomato every day helps to improve vision and stop cataracts of delicate eye tissue.

  1. Benefits for skin and hair health :

Tomatoes are good source of vitamin C, and vitamin C is essential for keeping skin healthy and complexion strong in old ages vitamin C also protects our skin from sun damage, pollutants and cell – damaging free radicals and improve our skin texture and give smooth and wrinkles free skin. Its luetin is also benefit for skin health. Some studies are research that luetin protects against ultra violet rays, light induces skin burn and especially skin cancer. Apart from eating tomatoes as salad, cooked, you can peel the tomatoes and use them as a face pack. It refreshes and cleanses your face. Vitamin C and biotin unregulated protein contain collagen which give skin health and anti-aging benefits.

Tomatoes are also beneficial for your hair. Tomato contains Vitamin K it makes your hair strong and promotes hair growth.

  1. Makes bones healthy :

Tomatoes contain massive amount of calcium and vitamin K. These nutrients aid in strengthening the bones and repair the damage occur in bones & bone tissue. Additionally, phytonutrient lycopene give       better bone health and stop the growth of osteoporosis. Taking higher Lycopene decrease the risk of hip fracture. Tomatoes also contain two important minerals potassium and magnesium of which magnesium work for calcitonin, it is hormone that relay blood from calcium into bones. Potassium is other mineral that stops the metabolic acidosis of bones. This affects the loss of calcium as you age.

  1. Antioxidant :

             Tomatoes contain abundant amount of vitamin C, lycopene and vitamin A because these beta – carotene and vitamins works as antioxidant and deactivate harmful radicals in the blood. Free radicals present in blood are dangerous and may watch over the cell damage. Eating tomato raw is better than cooked because cooking destroys its vitamins and beta – carotene so for these advantages tomato should be eaten raw. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and is beneficial for several types of cancer also.

  1. Blood pressure :

          Taking low sodium keeps blood pressure normal. A tomato is loaded with nutrients and minerals which protect our body from high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Regular intake of tomatoes may decrease the risk of hypertension which is known as high blood pressure due to higher amount of potassium available in tomatoes. Potassium is a vasodilator and it lowers the tension in arteries and blood vessels, by eliminating the hypertension it increase the circulation and decrease the stress.

  1. Helps to fight Constipation :

           Eating high fiber food like tomatoes may decrease the sign of constipation and assist regular bowel movement. Fiber helps to maintain digestive system healthy and cure gastric problems. Regular intake of tomatoes juice is very effective in constipation as well as diarrhea and it also keeps you hydrated. Tomatoes also cure jaundice diseases and remove harmful toxic from body.

  1. Repair the damage caused by smoking :

Coumaric acid and chlorogenic acid are found in tomatoes is very helpful to cure nitrosamines (carcinogens) that originates from after smoking a cigarette.

As we know tomatoes is full of many health benefit. It contain high amount of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, thiamin, folate and vitamin K and rich source of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and copper and it also contain protein and dietary fiber, as well as organic compound lycopene. So, if one can eat tomato or take its juice in right amount it will definitely give many health benefits.

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