Health Benefits of Wheat Grass

Wheat-grass is a nutrient rich grass which belongs to wheat family. It is usually grown in soil and cultivated in a green house or under an artificial lighting indoors. It is a healthy food which is made from Triticum aestivum plant and having astonishingly high benefits.  It is available as a dietary supplement in tablet, capsule, powdered and liquid forms. But it is generally used as a fresh juice and can be used daily as a health supplement and tonic. It can also be used to treat many diseases. These wheat-grasses are super foods and are power house of nutrition. A glass of wheat-grass juice includes a good combination of vitamins, amino acid, liver enzymes and chlorophyll in it. Wheat-grass contain more vitamin A and C as compared to carrots and oranges. Apart from that it is enriched with Vitamin E, B & K. The essential nutrients of wheat-grass boost the immunity and kills harmful bacteria in a digestive system.

wheat-grass juice

The major reason for lots of health benefits of this wheat-grass powder is the concentrated chlorophyll content in addition to the earth elements including calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus & potassium.  It also contains useful enzymes. Chlorophyll are known as the blood of the plants and when it is taken or consumed by human beings , It helps to reverse the ageing, cleanses the blood and protect from cancer. The best part of it is that this is gluten free. A one tablespoon of wheat-grass powder contains only 18 calories. Wheat-grass can be either mixed with water and serve as a nutritional drink or it can be easily added to juices and smoothies. The nutrients, vitamins & minerals contained in a wheat-grass are present in a balanced or correct proportion.

The benefits of Wheat Grass are as follows:



Skin Benefits of Wheat Grass

  • Cleanses the skin: – Wheat-grass gently cleanses the skin by working as a skin cleanser. The wheat-grass powder is good for cleansing the skin and is a great skin cleanser. It washes the skin by removing the dead skin cells and also maintains the glow & elasticity of our skin. Wheat-grass powder can also be used as a face mask by using it with raw honey.
  • Protect Acne: – Wheat-grass uses the detoxification process, which protects the occurrence of acne, breakouts and provides healthy skin. Wheat-grass powder is effective during the removal of skin tan and blackheads. A visible good result can be seen within a two months by applying the paste of milk and wheat-grass powder in a correct ratio.
  • Antiseptic property :- Wheat-grass also has an antiseptic property due to which it is effective for healing and repairing the cuts, rashes , insect bites and it also heals an athlete’s foot
  • Anti ageing property: – Wheat-grass is also having an anti ageing property that helps to slow down the ageing process. The presence of chlorophyll plays an important role in the anti aging process. Since chlorophyll is a rich source of enzymes and a copper based protein found in red blood cells known as Super-oxide, which helps to remove the free radicals from body. It also fights against the sagging skin problem and improves the quality & elasticity of skin and hence brings back the glow of skin.
  • Cure skin diseases: – Wheat-grass are having the super effective power for the treatment of various skin diseases, including eczema.

There are several ways to use this ingredient to achieve a smooth skin that is flexible and free from infections-

  • Ice cube method: – Add 1 tablespoon of wheat-grass to a cup of water and mix it properly. Pour that mixture into holes of an ice cube tray and let it completely freeze. Rub that cube over the affected area of skin for 2 – 3 times and repeat that process. This method can be used every day for a fast recovery.
  • Bathing water method: – 2 to 3 tablespoon of wheat-grass powder is added to the warm bathing water. For good result, soak the body in that water for approx half an hour. Doing this method twice a week will help to get rid of various skin diseases.
  • Calm the sun burnt skin: – Exposure to the sun for a longer time are harmful for skin & cause sunburn. They are not only painful but can also cause cancer. Since the wheat-grass contains a quick healing & an anti-inflammatory property which makes it the best remedy to cure sunburns. Mix the wheat-grass powder to water and dip a fresh cotton balls into it. Apply that mixture on the affected area of skin. Let it be for 5 to 10 minutes and then wash off & pat dry. Repeating that process twice a week will get quick relief from sunburns.

Hair Benefits of Wheat Grass

Wheat-grass powders are highly beneficial and are great for hair. It provide good benefits to our hair by improving their health. Some benefits of wheat-grass powder for hair are given below.

  • Fight dandruff and scalp problems: – Wheat-grass powders are very much effective for treating dandruff and various scalp problems. Washing the hairs with wheat-grass powder provides good benefits to hairs by removing the dandruff’s & cure itchy scalp. It also repairs the damage hair by applying the mixture of normal shampoo & wheat-grass powder on it.
  • Reduce graying of hair: – In today’s date premature graying is a common problem among the young generation and it is little embarrassing also. Wheat-grass powder is one of the best solution to prevent premature graying of hairs. Washing the hair with wheat-grass powder will be effective for restoring the natural color of hair & prevent graying of hairs.

Health Benefits of Wheat Grass

Wheat-grass contain a high level of beta- carotene, amino acid, vitamin B, fiber and it is also known for its nutritional benefits. It provides high benefits to our health by fighting against many health problems. Some benefits of wheat-grass powder for health are given below.

  • Beneficial for eyes: – Wheat-grass powders provide good benefits to our eyes by improving the eye vision. Regular consumption of wheat-grass supplements and powder helps to improve the vision and provide better eye sight.
  • Improve the immunity: – Wheat-grass helps to boost our immune system. It also increases the formation of red blood cell & white blood cell counts in our blood. Wheat-grass also has an antiviral & anti-inflammatory property which helps to provide strength and makes the immune system stronger.
  • Improve circulation: – Wheat-grass is having a great ability to increase the amount of oxygen in our body which helps in stimulating the circulation in our body systems. Wheat-grass supplements shows good benefits when taken before exercises, it helps to prepare the body systems for an upcoming efforts.
  • Cure arthritis: – Wheat-grass are highly effective for treating and eliminating the arthritis pain. It can be the best remedy to cure these pains. Wheat-grass are really good for arthritis patients, as regular consumption of wheat-grass drink shows good result and helps to decrease the pain. Since wheat-grass are having a strong anti-inflammatory action & useful ingredients present in it due to which the arthritis pain are reduced.
  • Good for liver: – Wheat-grass supplements are really great for our liver. Since Wheat-grass are having a detoxifying property, due to which it helps to re-energize the liver. Regular consumption of wheat-grass can protect our liver from harmful effects of alcohol.
  • Protect from hangover: – Consumption of alcohol are harmful but an effect of after drinking much alcohol is really irritating and troublesome, which causes hangover. As wheat-grass juices are extremely alkaline in nature, therefore wheat-grass juice helps in neutralizing the acidity in the blood due to alcohol intake.
  • Improve the mood: – Wheat-grass also helps to elevate the mood in several ways. As wheat-grass are rich source of magnesium and vitamin K, therefore it helps to boost the adrenal system and reduce the stress from our body. Wheat-grass is also having a good and a necessary amount of iron, which helps to fight against depression.
  • Improve nail health:- As we know that weak , yellowish nails shows that there is a poor circulation in body and deficiency of iron in a diet, but it can be easily corrected by the help of wheat-grass. Since wheat-grass helps to boost the red blood cells (RBC) in our blood and providing the life back to the nails.
  • Improve kidney health: – Wheat-grass are highly effective for improving the kidney health and are extremely beneficial for those who are suffering from kidney diseases. Regular consumption of wheat-grass powder helps to reduce the upcoming symptoms of kidney cysts and removes the back pain & an abdominal pain. Since wheat-grass helps to lower down the growth rate of cysts and hence eliminating the problem from the root.
  • Manage cholesterol: – Wheat-grass helps to stabilize the lipid level, which is effective for managing and improving the cholesterol level. It has also proved that regular consumption of wheat-grass supplement will helps to keep the cholesterol level under control.
  • Weight loss: – Wheat-grass powder is highly effective for weight reduction. It can also be used as a flavoring agent & healthy alternative to other ingredients and can be added to juices or smoothies also. Wheat-grass energize the body and increases the strength, which increases the duration of exercise and promotes weight loss. However this wheat-grass powder helps to manage the weight by stimulating the thyroid glands. Wheat-grass contain selenium that is necessary for the proper functioning of thyroid glands that helps to manage weight.
  • Improves dental health: – Wheat-grass are also good supplements for treating the decay of tooth and fighting against many dental problems. Massaging the gum with wheat-grass powder will be effective and helps to cure gum problems & make the gum stronger.
  • Restore the pH levels: – Wheat-grass is a food supplement, which is alkaline in nature and also balances the pH levels of the body. Therefore it is also effective for decreasing the acidity in the blood & also for re-establishing its alkalinity.
  • Cleansing and detoxifying property: – Wheat-grass powder contains a good detoxifying property & cleansing property. Hence it also contains various useful minerals, antioxidants, enzymes in it that helps to reduce the inflammation. It improves the cellular strength and detoxifies the bloodstream and a liver. It cleanses the colon and protects the organs from harmful substance that causes cancer.
  • Helps in Formation of RBC and WBC: – Wheat-grass powders also contain a huge amount of chlorophyll in it, which helps to increase the production of hemoglobin in body. This increased production of hemoglobin allows the blood to carry more oxygen which helps to form RBC & WBC in the body.

Final conclusion

Wheat-grass is a nutrient rich super food which belongs to the wheat family. It is highly beneficial and provides lots of benefit not only to our health but also to our skin and hairs.  Not only their uses but their benefits are also astonishingly high.  It contains amino acids & several useful minerals that supports and allow body for best functioning. They are generally known as bread wheat and are cultivated in green house or under an artificial lighting indoors. Wheat-grass shows good impact on our health by sorting many health problems and issues. It is highly beneficial for eyes and improves the immunity and circulation in body. Wheat-grass manages the cholesterol level by stabilizing the lipid level in body & improve the kidney and dental health. Consumption of these wheat-grass powder is effective for reducing weight and is good for liver. Wheat-grass powders gently cleanse and detoxify the skin with its detoxifying property and it also maintains the PH level of a body. Wheat-grass powders also take part in the formation of RBC & WBC by increasing the production of hemoglobin in the body. It fights against dandruff, scalp problem and also prevents hairs from premature graying. Regular consumption of wheat-grass juice or powder will be effective and will helps to grow hair faster, due to the presence of vitamin C, B12, iron and iodine in it. Wheat-grass cleanses the skin and are great for skin.  These wheat-grass also have an antiseptic property, which helps to cure the cuts, rashes, insect’s bites. With its anti ageing property it also slows down the ageing process and restores the glow and maintains the skin elasticity by fighting against many skin problems & diseases. Apart from health benefits, wheat-grass powders are having some side effects also. Over consumption of these wheat-grass must be avoided if a person is suffering from diarrhea. As the system is unable to digest it and excess consumption of wheat-grass in this case can show bad impact on health and cause acute diarrhea. Consumption of these wheat-grass powder should also be avoided by a person having allergies. As consuming of wheat-grass in these cases are harmful for health, and if consumed then immediately consulting a doctor will be better.

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    I actually do have a kit to grow it at home…just haven’t gotten to it yet. I also have a juicer that works beautifully with greens, so this post reminded me that I can certainly make my own.

    I think more people ought to give this a try, so I’ll share it. Thanks for putting this together. Very thorough and informative.

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