Health Benefits of Zucchini

Zucchini is most popular summer squashes in America and Europe and also known as courgette in some parts of the world. It was cultivated in Central America around 10,000 year ago. Zucchini belongs to cucurbita pepo family which includes cucumbers, pumpkins. It is available on the market in green, light green, yellow colors, both cooked and raw zucchini is great for overall health. Zucchini is packed with high quantity of Vitamin C, protein, carbohydrate and fiber. It contains significant amounts of Potassium, Vitamin C and folate, all of which is beneficial for good health.

Some famous zucchini varieties include tatume, golden zucchini, yellow crooknecks and costata romanesco.

Zucchini is good for reducing weight, Furthermore it promote your eye health, and stop all the diseases that develop from deficiency of vitamin C like sclerosis, scurvy. It helps to cure asthma also.

Top 11 Health Benefits of Zucchini

Health Benefits of Zucchini

Health Benefits of Zucchini

Good for eyes – Zucchini is rich of beta-carotene, which develops the eye cell and promotes better vision. It also packed with antioxidant like vitamin C, zinc and manganese, which give protection for eyes. It is packed with rich source of vitamin A, which is highly beneficial for eyes Zucchini helps to reduce the puffiness in the eyes. Similarly, when zucchini used externally it helps to remove puffy bags of the eyes.  Lutein and zeaxanthin both carotenoid antioxidants present in zucchini defend the eyes from age related problems. Its high water content removes the swelling around the eyes.

It treats macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts naturally.

Weight management – Zucchini is good for weight management because of its healthy combination fiber and moisture loaded and small quantity calorie content. It is best for weight management as it control appetite by filling up with fiber and water.

Zucchini is rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A, antioxidant and dietary fiber, which can effectively lose weight by eating it. Dietary fiber helps to burn calories than you eat.

Beneficial in diabetes – The good amount of vitamin B complex in zucchini beneficial in diabetes. The vitamin B complex, in the present of magnesium and zinc helps to breakdown the sugar of body. Polysaccharide fiber present in zucchini is beneficial for blood sugar regulation. People who suffering from diabetes, zucchini can help controlling blood sugar level because they have low-card, low-glycemic veggie which cure insulin spikes and dips.

Eating high fiber foods has good effects on physical health and addition in blood sugar control. It also good for gastrointestinal tract, and zucchini support in weight reduction.

Prevent gout – Inflammation in the gout is very painful condition, cause because of too much uric acid in the body. Zucchini is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids as well as anti-inflammatory carotenoids it can resist the effects of excessive uric acid. Gout affects feet and knees which cause difficulties in walking. To cure gout you have to follow strict diet control which contains fruit and vegetables. Zucchini alkaline properties fight against uric acid in your joint, and reliving its symptoms.

Zucchini contain powerful antioxidant like vitamin A and Vitamin C with copper which prevent the growth of many hyper-inflammatory disorders like osteoarthritis, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

Good for heart – Zucchini is good source of potassium that helps decrease blood pressure. It also packed with balance level of folate that cracks down amino acid like homocysteine which cause stroke and heart attacks. The good amount of magnesium helps in keeping blood pressure normal.

Prevent cancer – The rich content of fiber in zucchini prevents carcinogenic toxins in the colon and promotes regular and healthy bowel movements. Vitamin C and A are strong antioxidant that damage the carcinogenic which is a reason of malignant type of cancer.

Lower cholesterol – The dietary fiber of zucchini helps in decreasing the cholesterol level of body. It attaches itself with the bile acids that are formed by the liver for digesting fat. This fiber mix-up with bile acid, thus reduce its ability to digest extra fat and turn on the liver to develop more bile acid.

The rich level of vitamin C and A stop the cholesterol from oxidizing in the blood, which reducing the risk of atherosclerosis.

Benefit for Pregnant women – During pregnancy women required more nutrition. Zucchini is a good source of potassium and folic acid, which are essential nutrition for pregnant women. Lack of folic acid during pregnancy can cause neural tube defect such as spina bifida in the fetus.

Strengthens bones, teeth and fight against asthma – Zucchini is good source of vitamin C, it is known as good food for fighting asthma. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, play a big role in keeping immune systems healthy and fight against respiratory system.  Anti-inflammatory properties open the lungs and clear it. It also contains calcium which helps the nerve system to work properly and gives strength to the teeth and bone.

Keeps you hydrated –Zucchini is full of water it contain 90% of water. It helps to maintain water level in a body. During summer less amount of water can make body weak and dizzy. Eating of zucchini can prevent these types of problems.

Smooth skin and younger look – Zucchini is good source of vitamin C and A, which work as powerful antioxidant against free radicals. Excess generation of free radicals helps in line, spot and wrinkle. Vitamin A keeps your    skin healthy. It also contain packed with magnesium, which is helpful in formation of chlorine. Amino acids help in collagen production.

Zucchini flower are also edible and used in Italian and French cuisine for garnishing cooked fruit and dressing meals. Zucchini is extensively grown in Mexico, Argentina, China, Turkey, Italy, Japan and India amongst different countries. Zucchini is beneficial for body because it is rich in so many nutrition, which helps the body to fight against various diseases.

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