Hey, am Aman – A blogger from Ranchi, Jharkhand

My name is Aman. Am born and bought up in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Now i am a student of (BA) in English honours from gossner college ranchi. I earn my own pocket money by doing part time job.

I love to explore new places around India. For me travelling is like a great achievement, I travel a lot in past some 5 years ago. I see new places not in development form , in a culture way how they survive for their live hood. It encourages my life and give joyness to me.

Music give me positive vibe and it purify minds. For a long time, people thought inner wellbeing must be handled through belief,  fancy philosophies, ideologies and all kind of superstition. It is time we address our inner self also in scientific way using subjective technologies.

Hey, am Aman

Hey, am Aman

Last year i went to Himachal Pradesh in the month of December. I was too excited when I left to Ranchi for a trip to high altitude terrain  in Manala. First I went to Delhi by Rajdhani train, and after a day i reached Delhi. We had a group of 6 guys in this journey. We took a bus from Kashmiri gate from Delhi. One of my friend had birthday on that day. We all celebrate his birthday on the bus by serving some gajar halwa and the trip began with enjoying. After a few miles way from Delhi the bus halt for the dinner in Panipat, Punjab and we had a cup of tea. We back to your journey and after few minutes of halt, we all were relax and enjoying the beat of the music playing in that bus. Gradually my eyes close and a wake up in the morning and i was amazed by the views surrounded by me. It was such a peaceful place i have ever seen in my life. Beautiful mountain surrounded by the pure white clouds. I saw the local people they were charming and fair look. After a long journey we had reach to mandi house and we went to local market for some foods. Our destiny was Manala its was way from mandi house. We took cab from mandi house and strated the ride again.the roads were very dangerous. Few hours of rides we reach to our destination and the walks began. I had experience many things about there culture. How they live there life in such region. We took a guest house in that village for 3 days an 4 night. After getting the room we relax our body from a long journey. Next day we planed for trekking and we collected all need things with us. As soon we started to trek the climate get change and it indicate us  to have a snow fall. And when the snow fall started we all where excited and started to dance.

I am very sensitive guy. I look after everyone those who need help. i want to devote my whole life for India. Its means lot to me. Even ever i am alone i think about the whole universal how they have created by. I love to visit historical place around the entire world.

Looking forward to your comments, wish me all the best for a great blogging carrier!

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  1. Donna Merrill says:

    Hi Aman,

    Thank you for taking me to a wonderful journey you have shared. It is so refreshing to know about a person…where they live, what they like to do and you have done an excellent job here.


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