Roundup Post – 20 Experts share their number 1 Healthy Living Tip

Living a healthy life isn’t rocket science – it is a combination of adopting good habits, eating a proper diet and doing regular cardio exercise.

Ultimately, it is all about the lifestyle choices that you pick and how happy and stress-free you keep yourself.

To help you make better choices for yourself, we have asked 20 health and fitness experts to share their number 1 healthy living tip.

20 Experts share their No. 1 #HealthyLivingTip

Healthy Living Tip

Healthy Living Tip

1) Stefanie | Blog | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram



@dewyhealth Create an environment of your healthy living habits – one meal at a time! – Tweet this

Healthy Living Habits

Healthy Living Habits

My No. 1 Healthy Living Tip is to create an environment around you that supports all of your healthy living habits so you can keep going and stay healthy – one meal at a time!

2) Shaniece | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

shaniece protrait


@dewyhealth Add strength training into your life style – Tweet this


Add Strength Training

Add Strength Training

Add strength training into your life style because increases bone density, builds a stronger heart, reduces your resting blood pressure, improves blood flow, halts muscle loss, helps control blood sugar, improves cholesterol levels, and improves your balance and coordination.

3) Shalini | Blog | Pinterest | Facebook | TwitterG+ Plus


@dewyhealth Consume 10 – 12 glasses of water in empty stomach after waking up, before brushing teeth – Tweet this


Consume Water

Consume Water

My number one healthy living tip is consumption of 10 – 12 glasses of water every day, and especially empty stomach right after waking up, before you even brush your teeth.

Not everyone’s aim is to get slimmer, but everyone wants to be healthy and staying hydrated is the best thing to avoid any ailments. Water not only keeps your organs healthy and ensures their normal functioning, but also flushes out toxins from the body, keeps you hydrated, boosts metabolism, and makes your skin look radiant while working against acne. There are countless ways in which water helps us to stay healthy and keeps us away from numerous health conditions.

Also, it is the easiest thing to incorporate into your day to day routine. Even the busiest people can adopt this habit, and enhance their overall well-being with increased water intake.

4) Nick | Blog | Facebook | Twitter



@dewyhealth Follow a holistic approach by gradually implementing healthy habits. – Tweet this


Implementing Healthy Habits

Implementing Healthy Habits

Let me explain.

Just working out isn’t enough no matter how good your training plan is.

Eating healthy and natural food isn’t enough either.

Our healthy doesn’t depend on one thing only but, rather, it depends on a multitude of factors (sleep, nutrition, stress, etc). As such, to achieve a healthy state you should follow an holistic approach that takes care all of these parameters.


Why gradual habits?

Because… that’s the easiest way I’m aware of.

Trying to “fix” everything at once can be overwhelming, but with 30-day habits it’s a piece of cake.

My favorite healthy habits are:
Ido Portal’s 30-day squat challenge
Ido Portal’s 30-day hanging challenge”

5) Kris Gunnars | Blog | Pinterest  | Facebook | TwitterG+ Plus

Kris Gunnars

@dewyhealth Focus on lifestyle change, making an effort to improve health-related habits Tweet this


Lifestyle Change

Lifestyle Change

My no. 1 healthy living tip is to focus on a lifestyle change, making an effort to improve your health-related habits. Avoid short-term fixes because they never work.

6) Olga Rezo | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

Olga Rezo

Olga Rezo

@dewyhealth Eat organic whole foods as close to their natural form as possible. – Tweet this


Eat Organic Whole Foods

Eat Organic Whole Foods

There are many aspects to healthy living but here I would like to mention proper nutrition. This tip can be summarized as follows: “Eat organic whole foods as close to their natural form as possible.” What does it mean? In essence, it means avoiding highly processed foods, including all types of sugars, bread, pasta, or even complex carbohydrates.

Unfortunately, our modern diet is based on carbohydrates. We have developed a sort of addiction to sugar. However, eliminating or at least drastically reducing the amount of digestible carbs we eat is essential for healthy living. Just this one step alone makes a huge difference in how your body functions on a cellular level.

If you can make the mitochondria (the power plants of your cells) switch to burning fat rather than glucose for energy, the benefits are huge. Recent research suggests using ketones (from high-quality fatty acids) to optimize the functioning of your cell’s mitochondria. Relative to ketones from healthy fats, glucose is not an efficient fuel. It causes harmful free radical damage and can impair the ability of your body to burn fat.

Use healthy fats to fuel your body (for example, coconut oil and ghee for cooking, olive oil in salads, avocado, raw nuts, etc.), rather than glucose from carbs. In addition, eat a lot of vegetables, and moderate amounts of low-fructose fruits.

You can greatly benefit from reducing your daily intake of carbs and sugars, while at the same time increasing the amount of high quality fats to fuel your cells for energy. If you can boost mitochondrial health, you can greatly improve your general health. And proper diet is one of the easiest and most effective choices to do so.

7) Petra | Blog | Twitter | Facebook |



@dewyhealth Introduce small changes to your life in order to be healthier – Tweet this


Small Changes

Small Changes

In this day and age many people struggle to lead a healthy lifestyle and many of them complain that they just don’t have enough time. The thing is, you don’t have to eat healthily 100% of the time or be obsessive over healthy living. All you need to do is introduce small changes to your life in order to be healthier. Everybody can find time, only if they want to. If you can spend 5 minutes on Facebook, you can also spend 5 minutes doing a quick workout video from YouTube. If you can walk to the shop or takeaway for a ready-made meal, you can also prepare a quick healthy meal at home. Healthy cooking doesn’t need to take lots of your time, many meals can be made in under 30 minutes.

8) Lee Weber | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

Lee Weber

Lee Weber

@dewyhealth Avoid Smoking Cigarettes, or Quit TODAY! – Tweet this


Avoid Smoking Cigarettes

Avoid Smoking Cigarettes

Avoid Smoking Cigarettes, or Quit TODAY!

Submitted by: Lee Weber, Editor of Addiction Blog
Link to:

We encourage you to think about living a SMOKE FREE LIFE as the most healthy thing you can do for yourself…ever!

Let’s not mince words.

Cigarette smoking is the #1 preventable cause of death in the United States. Cigarettes and the nicotine that are found in them are addictive….and super unhealthy. Cigarette smoking negatively impacts nearly every organ of the body and causes many diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Heart Attack.

So, if you haven’t started smoking…good for you! Woop Woop! You’ve effectively done the healthiest thing you can do for yourself by abstaining from a substance.

If you are a smoker, here are some points for motivation. Quitting smoking:

1. Lowers your risk for smoking related disease.
2. Can add years to your life.
3. Can prevent one in three cancers from ever happening.
4. Can sharply cut your risk for a heart attack within just a year of quitting.
5. Minimizes your risk to about the same as a nonsmoker’s in 2-5 years.

It’s difficult to quit. We get that. But there are resources out there.

Nicotine Substitution.
Hotline Numbers.

So, embrace the health…and check out the links we’ve added below to learn how to start.

Reference Sources:

9) Heidi | Blog | Twitter | Facebook



@dewyhealth I find helps my clients the most is “Moderation” – Tweet this




We live in a society of more. We work more, we eat more, we stress more. Often people are afraid of approaching a healthy lifestyle because of their fear of what they have to give up. The truth is if you cut your excesses, you are still able to enjoy all the things you always did and live a life rich with balance.

10) Diana | Blog | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | G+ Plus



@dewyhealth Cleansing and purifying homemade infusion waters are my No. 1 Healthy Living Tip – Tweet this


Cleansing and purifying homemade infusion waters

Cleansing and purifying homemade infusion waters

Infused waters are natural, fresh and easily refillable. Not only is the bottle perfect with living green as it is reusable, but the easy to create recipe is great for flushing your system as well as rehydrating the body.

11) Anthony Cirillo | Blog | Pinterest | Facebook | G+ Plus | Twitter

Anthony Cirillo

Anthony Cirillo

@dewyhealth It has little to do with diet and exercise. It’s about living stress free and practicing gratitude – Tweet this


living stress free and practicing gratitude

Living stress free and practicing gratitude

The older people I interact with, many in nursing homes that people associate with death, have the most joyous lives because of certain practices and traits they follow. For me, being grateful stands out amongst all of them. Every night got to bed and recall three things from the day that you are grateful.

12) Andrew Goedeke | Blog | Facebook G+ Plus


Andrew Goedeke

@dewyhealth #1 Healthy Living Tip – You are what you eat  Tweet this


You are what you eat

You are what you eat

Take great care in what you consume as it defines who you are.Your body is built by what you eat so make sure you give it the best food possible in order for it to function optimally. You wouldn’t want to build a house with cheap and nasty building supplies because you know it won’t last. Your body and what you consume is no different, eat well and your body will function well for a long time. Avoid processed foods and most things with added ingredients. Look to consume foods with no added ingredients, foods that are the ingredient list, and foods that don’t come in packets. By primarily eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and some meat you will not only feel better, but over time you will look better as your body starts to shift towards how it is supposed to look with foods it is supposed to consume. The benefits of healthy eating are not just limited to your physical body but your mind too. Your brain is powered by what you eat and a lot of what we eat can impact our brain and how we feel. Eat well, feel well, think clearly and look good.

13) Allison Thompson | Blog | Pinterest | Facebook | Twitter

Allision Thompson

Allison Thompson

@dewyhealth Make sure that I have plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat in my fridge – Tweet this


I have plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables

I have plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables

Healthy Living Tip Is As Follows:

I make sure that I have plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat in my fridge and freezer. This way I am ensuring that my body is getting what it needs when it comes to vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

When it comes to buying such produce you don’t need to always go organic, although that is best. If you cannot afford to just by the best quality you can. Also if you can try and find a local greengrocer where you can purchase your fruit and vegetables from. As for your meat yes supermarkets tend to be less expensive, but you cannot always be sure where they get theirs from. So it pays to make friends with your local butcher.

14) Sonal Talwar | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

Sonal Talwar

Sonal Talwar

@dewyhealth Healthy living is not only about physical health but also mental health Tweet this


physical health but also mental health

Physical health but also mental health

Healthy living is not only about physical health but also mental health. They need to be balanced and function well. The 5 lifestyle changes that you can make to lead a healthier and happier life are:

1. Quit smoking

2. Be physically active

3. Eat healthy

4. Limit alcohol intake

5. Get enough sleep

Follow these tips and stay healthy!
15) Sheila Thomas | Blog | Pinterest | Facebook | InstagramTwitter

Sheila Thomas

Sheila Thomas 

@dewyhealth Number 1 healthy living tip – Everything in moderation. – Tweet this


Everything in moderation

Everything in moderation

Live each day enjoying the little things. Enjoy life, and all it has to offer, without being a glutton. What I mean by that is don’t over spend, but spend enough to enjoy the little things. Don’t over eat, but enjoy things in moderation and keep choices healthy as possible. Don’t brag about what you have, but yet share your good fortune with others. Life is to short to be watching it go by, so join in and enjoy.

16) Mansi grover | Blog | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram


Mansi grover 

@dewyhealth I drink lot of water and workout daily Tweet this


I drink lot of water and workout dailyI drink lot of water and workout daily

I drink lot of water and workout daily

My Healthy living tip “I drink lot of water and workout daily no matter what. I completely avoid junk food and cold drinks. Also I always use stairs instead of elevators”

17) Jeff Mann | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

Jeff Mann

Jeff Man 

@dewyhealth My number 1 tip is to recognize sleep as the “third pillar of health”.  – Tweet this


recognize sleep as the third pillar of health

Recognize sleep as the third pillar of health

An estimated 1/3 of the US population don’t get enough sleep and in an increasingly busy, 24/7 society many of us ignore the serious health implications of sleep deprivation.

Whilst we hear all the time about the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise, sleep is often pushed to the margins. But sub-optimal sleep has negative consequences for almost every aspect of our well-being.

A growing body of research shows that people who consistently fail to get enough sleep put themselves at a much higher risk of chronic health conditions including heart disease, obesity, reduced immune function and much more.

In addition, poor sleep causes a range of mood disorders and reduced cognitive function, affecting your performance at work and in your relationships with colleagues, friends and family.

But the good news is, unless you have a diagnosed sleep disorder, healthy sleep is not hard to come by. It’s all about having a regular bedtime routine, following basic sleep hygiene practices – like turning off your electronic gadgets an hour before bed – and above all, not taking sleep for granted.

As the saying goes, ‘sleep is God, go worship!’

18) Doctor Jo | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | G+ Plus

Doctor Jo

Doctor Jo 

@dewyhealth My number one healthy living tip would be, “Don’t forget to stretch!”  Tweet this


Don’t forget to stretch!

Don’t forget to stretch!

We often wake up stiff and sore in the morning. We don’t move much, and while we sleep our bodies slow down. Then when it’s time to get up, those aches and pains can sometimes stop us in our tracks.

Stretching in the morning is very important to get the blood flowing, and start the day right. Stretching when you first wake up will help loosen up muscles and decrease pain in joints and sore areas.

A great way to get going in the morning is to do some simple stretches for the whole body. Here is a great routine to start the day right:

19) Gerald Owens | Blog | Twitter | FacebookGoogle+

Gerald Owens

Gerald Owens

@health_absolute My Number 1 tip is always maintain proper exercise and diet Tweet this


Number 1 tip is always maintain proper exercise and diet

Number 1 tip is always maintain proper exercise and diet

My Number 1 tip is always maintain proper exercise and diet. As we get older our bodies do not recover as quickly. Maintaining a balanced workout plan that includes strength, cardio and flexibilty along with proper diet is essential to maintain lasting health. You do not need hours in the gym. Most people can achieve a better work out in only 10 to 15 minutes per day than hour long sessions at the gym.

20) Health Care India | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | G+ Plus

Health Care India

Health Care India

@dewyhealth Tip for a healthy life is to maintain balance between diet, exercise, mental health. – Tweet this


maintain balance between diet, exercise, mental health

Maintain balance between diet, exercise, mental health

The most important tip for a healthy life is to maintain balance between diet, exercise, mental health and medication. This leads to holistic health as opposed to focusing on just one area of health. Ancient India had achieved this synergy through – focus on balanced diet according to age and occupation, Yoga for exercise, Meditation for mental health and Ayurveda for medication. Today there is a need to reintroduce that system to health and that why it is necessary to focus on these four aspects.

Thank you for reading the roundup, if you want to participate in future roundups – please do add a comment below and mention that you want to take part in such roundups and will make sure to contact you in the future.


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