Top 10 Foods to Cure Headache

Headache not only causes a lot of pain but also causes some severe symptoms such as sensitivity of sound and light. Patient is usually required to take different medications to relieve pain during headache.

Headache usually require the patient to take bed rest.

Headache is also known as Cephalalgia. The pain of headache makes our life a boring and miserable challenge. The continuous pain in head makes patient serious. In this sticky situation patient can’t control himself.

Headache is one of the most common problem arises on our head and start paining.

The pain is caused due to disturbance of our pain sensitive’s structure around brain.

The common causes of headache are stress, restlessness, sinus problems, and migraines, lack of sleep, dehydration and tension.

Top Foods to Cure Headache

Top Foods to Cure Headache

Using some foods in our daily life we can overcome from headache and migraine:

1. Lemon

Lemon plays vital role to treat headache because it is a more effective ingredient. It has powerful relaxing and refreshing property. It helps to balance the acid alkaline in our body. There are two way to beat headache through lemon:

  • For immediately relieve from pain, apply lemon crusts on your forehead.
  • Mix one half of squeezed lemon with lukewarm water and drink. Drinking mixture helps to overcome from headache. And it is more effective for treating headache caused by gas in stomach.

2. Watermelon

One of the major causes of headache is dehydration. And instead of using pain killer medicine eat watermelon.

Watermelon is one of the best alternative for dehydration. Watermelon is a great source of water content and it is more helpful for resolving the problem and soothes headache.

It contains plenty of mineral such as magnesium that is more beneficial to treat headache.

3. Almond

Top Foods to Cure Headache

Top Foods to Cure Headache

Almond is great surprise for preventing from headache. Almond is great source of Magnesium that helps to lessen our nerve excitability and increases our muscle relaxation.

Eating almond daily, headache becomes less effective. It improves our body weakness affected by headache. Almond contains riboflavin which is more effective to prevent from headache.

People suffer from migraines due to lower level of magnesium.

Almond also contains salicin which is an anti inflammatory agent and acts as an ingredient in magnesium, aspirin and vitamin E. and combination of these minerals prevent from headache and migraines.

Considering above things we can say that almonds can prevent from headache.

4. Caffeine

Caffeine prevents from headache, and it brings quick relief. It is one of the most popular ways to reduce the tension headache or migraine. It is known by pain relievers among people.

It gives boost to a common headache and migraine remedies.

Drinking caffeinated beverage such as coffee, soda, tea is popular suggestion to prevent the average headache.

5. Banana

Banana is one of the important fruit for a good health but people are unknown about his good health property. That’s why they don’t care about it.

Banana is rich source of Magnesium that helps to ease head pain and relax our blood vessels. Banana contains Potassium also that is one of the important parts for our electrolyte balance.

Banana boosts to cure hangover due to rich level of potassium.

Top Foods to Cure Headache

Top Foods to Cure Headache

6. Potatoes

Potatoes are great alternate to treat annoying headache. Potatoes contains rich amount of Magnesium which is very beneficial for removing headache.

We need only couple of potatoes to recover from this symptoms which is easy to treat and cheaper than other treatment by medicine.

The skin of potato is packed with Potassium therefore, potato soothes headache and is one of the best headache reliefs.

Home Remedy Tip: Take cut potato and use for rubbing in forehead and temples. And, when potatoes get dry, the headache should remove.

7. Salad

One of the important reasons of arising headache is due to the cause of dehydration. And salad is one of great meal to make free from dehydration ourselves.

And eating green and leafy vegetables are more beneficial for preventing from headache. Because, salad contain large amount of water and fibers which help to get free from dehydration.

And we know that dehydration causes headache. Especially, we should include spinach and lettuce leaves in salad, because they are good source of fiber and water.

We will feel fresh and relax after eating salad in a day.

Top Foods to Cure Headache

Top Foods to Cure Headache

8. Spicy Food

Taking spicy foods relieves congestion that will reduce pressure of sinus and opens up our airways.

Chili powder is source of vitamin E and this nutrient relaxes our blood vessels and gives relief to sore head. The supplements of vitamin E pill causes headache. Therefore don’t use high doses of this vitamin.

9.  Cabbage

Cabbage is more important and excellent way to relieve free from headache. Cabbage leaves are the natural way to beat and treat the discomfort and pain.

Cabbage contains large amount of compounds such as mustard oil, magnesium, sin grin rapine, sulphur heterosides and oxylate which are potent anti-biotic and anti-irritants. They help to dilate capillaries in the area and help to increase blood flow. They make cabbage a great remedy against the pain which is felt during a headache and migraine. Also helps to reduce swelling in the same way.

So, if you have a headache or migraine try to use cabbage leaves because it works as natural pain killer.

Home Remedy Tip: Here is how you can use it.

Take cabbage and remove some leaves from upper part. Now wash the leaves and crush them and make paste. And spread all paste to a clean muslin cloth. And apply this to head. Now lie down and relax for a while. Try to allow the pack till the leaves dry out.

Cabbage leafs are an excellent home cure for headache.

This will help to relieve from headache and migraine.

Top Foods to Cure Headache

Top Foods to Cure Headache

10. Mushrooms

Mushrooms contain high level of Vitamin B2, also known as Riboflavin along with spinach and broccoli. And riboflavin is important thing for making cellular energy in body.

Therefore, eating mushroom help to prevent and relieve from headache.


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